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Care Guide

Titi Adesa suede and leather shoes are made with carefully selected hides and treated to highlight its characteristic softness as a result of meticulous Italian craftsmanship. Small variations or unevenness in the design are features of their handmade nature and indicate the authenticity of the material. Our articles are delicate and should be worn with care to protect from damage and sharp markings. To preserve their quality, we recommend that you observe the following care guide:

  • Ensure you keep your product in our delightful dust bags provided, when not in use, or wrapped in white tissue paper;
  • Protect your pair(s) from rain and moisture whenever possible;
  • Maintain the material by cleaning the area using a dry, soft cloth of neutral colour;
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces;
  • Store your shoes away from light and heat;
  • Avoid contact with alcohol, grease, or makeup;
  • To avoid irreparable colour migration, do not store your light-coloured pairs near dark-coloured pairs.