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Creative director and founder, Titi Adesanya, is a designer whose appreciation for luxury footwear and impeccable craftsmanship inspired the creation of her footwear brand. After completing a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Titi, who grew up between Lagos and London, embarked on a journey to express her purest self by way of design. Following meticulous research and courses at London College of Fashion’s Cordwainers, Titi invested two years grafting with the finest artisans in Italy to understand every aspect of shoe manufacturing and learn about the numerous, essential components involved in realising comfortable footwear styles for women.

Ethically & delicately hand-crafted in Milan, Titi Adesa footwear is produced in a family-owned factory, renowned for its commitment to excellent craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Created for the contemporary woman with a youthful essence, the brand launched in August 2019 and has since been worn and adorned by all-round fascinating women. Each collection aims to offer a seamless balance between understated elegance and modern femininity in redefined, minimal silhouettes.

The brand also has a clear ethos: to celebrate women, with a distinctive, specially designed ‘tilted diamond’ logo. The rose gold logo can be seen on every sole and embodies a philosophy which Titi learnt from her mother growing up: ‘Within every woman, lies a diamond – unique, resilient and imperfectly perfect.’

The message, however, is not only about wearing beautiful shoes; Titi Adesa birthed the TA Foundation, which focuses on empowering young girls living in underserved communities within Africa, who aspire to be fashion designers. The foundation’s aim is to provide educational sponsorship and mentorship to harness the diamond within these girls, re-emphasising the core ethos of the brand.